What You'll Learn

6-month Online Course for Home Bakers looking to start or streamline their business

  • How to start & run a Cake Business from your home

  • How to choose the Cake products to start selling

  • How to identify your dream Customer & sell to them

  • How to cost & price your cakes and cupcakes

  • How to start marketing your cakes & build your Cake brand Online

  • How to set-up a profitable Cake business within 8 months

What You Get

  • In-depth Video class sessions

    Detailed Class video sessions explaining how to research, plan and start your cake business from home. Templates attached to help you with execution and planning. 30 Video Lessons

  • 6 months Access

    Access to the class video content for 180 days. You can learn and go through the content within 30 days - though you get 6 months access to be able to start & refer back if you need to

  • Support Group

    Support Group on Facebook; you get access when you join the course. Monthly live calls & clarification for students.

Want to enroll but no Paypal?

Sign up for the online class using alternative Payment option

For Kenyan payments; you can send Kshs. 6,000 to our Lipa na Mpesa, Buy Goods till no. 687789 (Amari Foods) *Once you make the payment; please send notification and your e-mail address to no. 0701796688. For non-Kenyan payments; you can make direct mobile money payments of $60 to our line: +254701796688 or *Make mobile money payments using either sendwave.com, worldremit.com or mukuru.com. *For inquiries, please reach out to us on WhatsApp DM below or via Email: info@amaribakery.com

Bonus material

Included when you join the online class

  • Sample Excel Costing & Pricing Sheet

    You will get a Costing & Pricing Spreadsheet template with an example of 2 Cake products (recipe, costs & pricing) you can get started with in your Home-based cake business. Pricing and formulas already done for you - you just need to adjust using your prices

  • Checklists and Templates

    *You will get Sample checklists and templates for an actual cake business you can use to start your own business. *You will also get the blank templates to work on your own business products. *Templates will include an already 'Done-For-You' Digital Marketing strategy & plan for a Home-based Cake Business and a Social Media Sales Strategy as well

  • Free PDF Work-book

    As a Bonus for joining & going through the course; you'll get the 'How to start a Cake Business from home in 30 days' Course content PDF Workbook sent to you at the end of the course

Take advantage and get started

Enroll and start your journey to building a profitable Cake Business

If you've been dreaming of starting your own Cake business from home or you're looking to turn your already existing home-based Cake Business into a profit-making machine.


  • Who can join this class?

    Anyone who has a passion in starting or growing a Cake business from home. You can be an amateur baker just getting started or an experienced baker. Even Foodies or Hobby Bakers looking to get serious & start making money from cakes can join. If you already have an existing Home-based Cake business that is not doing well or needs to be jump-started - this is a good class for you as well ^_^

  • Can I watch the class videos at any time?

    Yes you can; any time of the day that you're available within the 6 months access period. The classes are pre-recorded videos available to watch anytime. As long as you have an internet connection and a PC, Laptop or Smart Phone; you can watch the classes.

  • What if I have questions and need clarification on the classes?

    We have a Facebook Support group that will run from 2023-2024 for students who join this online class this year. You can post questions and challenges you have in the group. Maureen Kamari (the Instructor) will hold monthly lives for Q&As and clarification as well in the group. You will also be provided with an email to send your class assignment templates and you will receive feedback on your personal assignments.

  • You already have a lot of freely shared content on Amari Baking for Business platforms, how is this different?

    This online class contains in-depth strategies and breakdowns on exactly how to research, plan and launch your cake business. We've shared specific methods and processes that are not shared in any of our free content. We also have a clearly set out step by step process on what to do and When as well as matching templates and checklists to use.

  • Will this course work for me even if I am not from the East African region? Will the knowledge, tips and advice be relevant to me?

    This online class has majority of the content specific to general effective baking for business practices and strategies that are not specifically region-related but are results-oriented. This means that they will work for most regions in the world. However; please note that some tips and advice will be geared towards an African-based audience as our main business location is in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. We recommend having a solid understanding of the English language as the whole course is in English. We also recommend doing your own research on local laws on legal requirements for starting a cake business in your region. Make sure to also get information on your local taxes as well.

  • I have more questions about this online class and I would like to speak to someone. How can I reach you?

    You may contact us to get more details on our 'How to start a Cake Business from Home in 30 Days' Online class. You can email us on: info@amaribakery.com or You can send us a WhatsApp message on: +254701796688 and we will respond to you during working hours - EAT: Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also call these numbers during work hours: EAT: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm: +254701796688 OR +254791384890


Chief Instructor

Maureen Kamari

Hi, my name is Maureen Bilha Kamari and I offer baking and cake decoration skills training to individuals looking to learn or improve already existing baking & decoration skills. I have over 12 years of Professional Baking & Cake decoration expertise and I have been running a baking business since 2012. I am the founder of Amari Baking Center, a business that offers Baking Classes, Baking Recipe books and Baking for Profit training, advice and mentorship. I am also the founder of Chiffon cakes by Amari Bakery. I help individuals start home-based baking business or small bakery business shops by providing the necessary business skills, strategies and knowledge required. I also help small baking business owners streamline, make & increase sales.


Why Maureen Bilha Kamari is qualified to teach about opening a Cake Business?

Hi there Home Bakers,

I'm the founder & Director of Amari Baking Center - a business founded in 2012. We're a baking business that offers both practical & online baking and decoration classes. We also offer baking recipe books; both printed & eBooks. We offer Baking for Business online courses, masterclasses & mentorship programs through our Baking for Profit Program. I am also founder & owner of Chiffon cakes by Amari Bakery; a bespoke online baking business that sells Chiffon cakes only; founded in 2019. I am a professional Baker and Cake decorator in the Kenyan Baking industry and a baking recipe developer. I have been baking for years and professionally for over 12 years. I was born & currently live in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. I learned and developed a passion in baking and pastries in high school & college when my family moved & lived in Ohio, USA when I was growing up. I have a background in Hotel Management training. I came back home a few years back, started a small shop that failed within 5 months. I then worked in the food industry for 5 years in two cities in Kenya; Nairobi & Nyeri. In 2012, I decided to follow my passion for baking and started my first Baking business. I then started a 2nd Baking business brand in 2019. I have learned by running baking businesses in the last 12 years and growing my brands by using digital marketing. My YouTube channels combined have over 10,100 followers & growing. Over 20,000 followers on our Instagram Accounts and 24,000 followers on our Facebook brand pages. I have built a profitable baking business which I run currently with the help of a small team of 7 amazing individuals. Enroll for this online mini-course & I will share step-by-step knowledge on how to start your cake business successfully - without making the many mistakes that I did when I started. ENROLL ABOVE via Paypal OR Click below to DM via WhatsApp

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A message from your instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Pros and Cons of a Home-based Cake Business

    • Can a Home-based Cake Business be Profitable?

    • Legal Requirements and Implications

    • CAPITAL: Definitions to Know & Considerations

    • How to ensure your Cake business is Profitable in 6 - 8 months

  3. 3
    • Mindset and Entrepreneurship

    • Mindset Session Two

    • Types of Niches for Home Bakers

    • Market Research for your Cake Business

    • Factors to consider before Costing and Pricing

    • Costing and Pricing with an Excel Sheet

    • Niche Product Example for a Home Cake Business

    • Branding

    • Customer Persona/Dream Client - Filling the template

    • What to research for your Cake Business Idea

    • Survey: Are you with me so far?

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Marketing

    • Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan: Considerations & Resources

    • How to fill your Online Marketing Strategy Template

    • Setting Up digital accounts

    • How to create content for Social Media for your Cake brand

    • Amari SoS Sales Strategy

    • Social Media Sales Strategy: 4 Examples

  5. 5
    • Mindset Session: Discipline Over Motivation

    • Market Research: Round Two

    • Create your own Cake Business Brand: Checklist

    • Bakery Business Systems Required

    • Basic Systems to set-up to Start

    • Write a Business Plan

  6. 6
    • Ready to Launch: Action plan and Sample Checklist

    • Before you go...

    • Conclusion