What you get

This is an in-depth course full of insight to help you understand, as a Bakery doing business - how to define your small baking business in terms of niche & offering. This course will also help you come up with a Social Media marketing strategy & plan. You will be able to grow & start making sales in your baking business using the power of Social Media Marketing

  • Class video sessions on how to gain clarity in your small baking business offering

  • In-depth video sessions showing you how to open & run various social media platforms

  • Templates to help you execute what you learn in the various sessions

  • 90-day access to all class content

Do you struggle marketing online?

Learn what you need to do to attract the right customers using Social Media platforms

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You can sign up for the online class using alternative payment options.

For Kenyan payments; you can send Kshs. 1,500 to our Lipa na Mpesa, Buy Goods till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery) *Once you make the payment; please send notification and your e-mail address to no. 0701796688 or 0791384890. For non-Kenyan payments; you can make direct mobile money payments of $15 to our line: +254701796688 or *Make mobile money payments using either sendwave.com, worldremit.com or mukuru.com. *For inquiries, please reach out to us on WhatsApp DM below or info@amaribakery.com

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction to this course

    • Definition of Marketing and tools to use

    • Marketing strategies used for Business

    • Marketing Definitions Quiz

    • Defining Your Niche And Target Market

    • Types of Niche to choose from for Home Bakers

    • What is Social Media marketing & why you shouldn't ignore it

    • How to create a Customer persona using the Amari Template

    • Social Media Marketing Survey

    • What is Branding and how to brand your business

    • Buyer Journey

    • Marketing Plans: Annual & Monthly planning

    • Review on Class Content so far

    • Personal Message to Bakers about Marketing & Importance of Social Media

    • How to come up with a Social Media marketing Strategy

    • Filling the Social Media Marketing Strategy Template

    • Types of Content To post when it comes to Social Media Marketing

    • How to fill the Social media Marketing Plan Template

    • How to Analyze your Social media Marketing Plan Activities

    • YouTube shorts impact and WhatsApp business considerations

    • Filling your Social Media marketing Strategy Analytics Template

  2. 2
    • How to open a Facebook page and Instagram Page on a SmartPhone

    • How to open a Facebook page on a desktop PC (personal Computer) or Laptop

    • Facebook: How to check analytics, Schedule Content and run a Simple Ad

    • Introduction and Overview of Instagram on Desktop and tips on posting

    • Instagram: Mobile version - Insights, How to post a Reel and How to post Stories

    • TikTok: How to create & post on TikTok

    • Canva: Photo Editing tool and how to use it on Desktop

    • Canva: How to use on mobile

    • How to audit your Instagram account - using an App

    • How to run a Facebook Engagement Ad

    • How to re-purpose one piece of video content from TikTok for various platforms using Canva

    • How to use Pinterest in your Baking Business

    • How to use Whatsapp Business for your Baking Business

    • Twitter for your Baking Business

    • Resources to help you with Social Media Marketing

  3. 3
    • The Amari SoS Strategy: Small Offer Strategy to increase sales

    • Four Effective Sales strategies on Social Media to help make actual sales

    • How to run a re-targeting Facebook/Instagram Ad that will convert to Sales

    • The Importance of Sales Prospecting in your Baking Business

    • Conclusion